The One With Two Parts: First Part.


Goa Happened. The memoirs will come soon. They are still being documented. It was exciting, fun and peaceful.. while it lasted. I wanted it to be hot and sticky too but I am not complaining. I don’t know where it came from; The Idea. I am also not sure if I thought much about it. Even as I write this, it has been a week. I don’t know how I feel about it. I feel pain, but other than that, I’m not inclined to have any strong feelings.

It is extremely weird. This. To do something life changing and have no feelings about it. Its not like I didn’t give it any thought. If I would get one, I wanted it to be something that is meaningful and something I could carry on my body the rest of my life. It just didn’t feel like a big deal to me. I guess I wanted to do something life changing. To give myself a reminder that I have the balls to go that extra mile. I guess I also needed to satisfy my innate desire for attention. I wanted to prove that I had more to me and that I was better than most. I was determined. I don’t know why. While typing these words, I am thinking about it. I’ll take a two minute pause now to figure out the one central imposing factor that spurned me into getting a permanent tattoo.

I’m back. I took one minute to figure it out. The most compelling factor was, and this is hard to accept even to myself, the desire to show off. To have something cool and mystical to talk about. Hence the Kanji. Another factor, a little less compelling, was my need to have something on me that would constantly support and encourage me. That would show me the path when in doubt or when I’m being lazy. But at this point I can only retrospect on what my motivation could have been. Human actions are never the result of a single predominant thought or logic. There are usually a billion influencing factors, right from my imaginary neighbor’s imaginary girlfriend t0 the hungry mosquito that bit me the day before I left for Goa.

Whatever my motives could have been, from this moment on, it is left to me to make something out of it. If I ask myself the question: Has it turned out the way you imagined it, my answer would be: I hadn’t imagined much, because I hadn’t thought much, but it turned out a little different from the little that I imagined. I am back to where I started off from. Except with a sore shoulder. With a tattoo on it.

Some other Good?

Arsenal came from 2 goals down to beat Aston Villa in the F.A cup 4th round. It was a splendid victory, after 3 successive league defeats, it was an encouraging result. We are now in the 5th round of the F.A cup and will play Sunderland or some such team in the 5th round.

Nadal played exquisitely in the Australian Open to reach the Final. He squatted aside Berdych and played superbly against Roger to beat him in 4 sets. He was in form. He was fit. He had rest and a lot of time before the final. In-spite of all this, the story of the final will be posted in the other part.


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