Old Memoires: Trip To Dharamshala: Part-2

Posted on 16th Feb 2010 in malollu.
We reached the hotel at about 6.30 P.M and recharged our batteries in a couple of hours. We came down from the hotel only to find that there weer no taxis to take us to Dharamshala. We had asked our drivers to take rest so there was no point calling them back.
So after some arguing, then some more arguing and little thinking we finally decided to go Dharamshala anyway. We hired a guy and he packed us all into one cab. On the whole, the ride was very enjoyable. We ate and did shopping in Dharamshala. I remember drinking a pretty awesome cup of orange tee at a cafe’. Prateek bought booze on our way back. I don’t quite remember how we got back.
Upon reaching the hotel, me, Prateek, Dinesh, Aditya and Potluri decided to get enlightened. So we set up shop on the balcony and opened up the bottles. After the boozing session, we sat on the balcony and started reminiscing. This is when Prateek confessed his profuse love for S.B Singh. This happened after multiple instances of ass banging by the latter on the former.I rememeber taking the initiative and stripping down in the intense Dharamshala cold. Srikant made certain he reminded me of my antics every time he confronted me for the next two weeks.
I went to my room lo sleep. Prateek and Potluri went to Uttam and Srikant’s room and had fun at the latter’s expense. Dinesh puked…..

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