Old Memoires: Trip To Dharamshala: Part-3

Posted on 19th Feb 2010 in malollu.


We were dressed up and ready for the trip by 9.30 A.M. We cleared the hotel bill and checked out. The starting point for Triund was nearby so we set out for the trek. I would request someone else to describe the trek.
We returned to the cabs by about 7.30 P.M. We had split into 2 groups. I remember Pogo, Lava, Aditya, Achyuth, Dinesh, Potluri, Marella and myself being in one group. We had covered 25 kms and our state of exhaustion was indescribable. All of us had developed sore feet after the trek. We reached the cab and found that the other group had not yet arrived, so we sat in the cab and started waiting. Potluri and Achyuth started having heated exchanges over some shitty issue in the other cab.
We waited a long time for the other group but they didn’t turn up. We called their mobiles but they didn’t bother with answering. We were getting worried by the time it was 8.30 P.M. To add to our exhaustion and dread, the driver started telling us news about tourists getting attacked that morning by bears or something else. Now we were totally terrified. They came at about 9.00 P.M and started explaining their misadventures. In the end, we were relieved that they had returned in one piece. One puny asshole declared that he would be writing a blog about the “experience”. I am yet to see it.
We set out from Dharamshala at about 9.30 P.M that night. We were too tired to bother with food then. We stopped at a restaurant to eat at about 11.00 P.M. The next day went to visit a place called Khajjiar. The place is designated as “mini Switzerland”. Since I haven’t been to Switzerland, I couldn’t make the comparison. Potluri went for horse riding and Bijjam decided to relive his childhood days and stated playing with a balloon. That was arguably the most awesome sight in my 4 years of Bitsian life. Lava decided to poke a horse and got kicked in return. He was lucky he didn’t get himself permanently disabled. The whole antic was caught on camera, although he later chased down Potluri and deleted the video. Why the shame? It could have been a popular video on Youtube. We next visited a temple located nearby which housed a massive stachu of lord Siva. We took a few snaps and decided to head home.
I found the trip to be an enjoyable experience. A few good after-effects of the tour? Achyuth and Prateek discovered love on the journey. They have been inseparable ever since. Whenever these two are together, the rest of us are ROFL. Prateek lost his cam which was a sad incident. Another weird incident happened when Bijjam decided to show Prateek his pee-pee. Prateek later reported that it was the size of his fingernail.
As for me, after the tour I realised how big an asshole I am. Then I became cognizant of the fact that I should be grateful to god for the friends he has given me. Not everyone in this world are as lucky. Wow.. I managed to get myself emotional….
Manasu, Phani Teja, E.C were missed on the tour. Could have been a lot more fun had they been there……. Adios…..

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