Old Memoires: Trip To Dharamshala: Part-1

Posted on 14th Feb 2010 in Malollu.


This is I believe the sole literary work on the trip to Dharamshala last year. Some of the matter has been extracted from a log, but most of it is from memory.

24th October
Left Pilani at 5.30 P.M. Our initial plan was to board a train from Pathankot to Kangra. We reached Pathankot at 8.30 A.M on the 25th.
25th October
After reaching Pathankot, we went around asking for the best way to reach Dharamshala. The local people told us that the famous Toy Train was actually quite infamous. It started from Pathankot at 9.30 and took 6 hrs to reach Dharamshala. After lots of roaming, lots of discussion and little thinking, we decided that travel by cab was better. We then got back into the cabs and started for Dharamshala.
On the way to Dharamshala, Satti stopped the car to throw up and we utilised the opportunity to to a few snaps. After travelling about 25 kms we stopped at a hotel to breakfast. The guy told us that he made only parathas and toasts. People ordered whatever suited them. After a lot of talking, lot of eating and little thinking, we set out once again.
We reached Dharamshala at about 3.00 P.M. Upon inquiring around, we realized that it was actually late to go trekking at that time. If at all we went on to trek at that time, we would have had to camp out the night at Triund. I was violently against the idea of camping at Triund as I was short on resources and camping was a costly affair.Most of us were tired after a long journey and trekking 10 kms didn’t seem to be an attractive proposition at that time.
I was also plagued by the embarrassing need to go shitting at that time. The municipal shit boxes at the place weren’t very inviting. Infact the bogs were positively obnoxious. Added to that was my intense astonishment at the fact that the guys found my predicament amusing. Dinesh went ahead to label me as sulabh reddy. The bloody titsucker! He just knows how to bring about my wrath.
My plight aside, after a lot of roaming about, lot of arguing, lot of eating and little thinking, we decided to rent out a room for the night. We couldn’t find suitable rooms at Dharamshala and ratiocinated to move to another place nearby. The guide told us that the hotel was only 6 kms away but the bloody pussybanger took us to a spot about 20 kms away near Dal lake. On the bright side, the place offered us a picturesque backdrop for our snaps. The starting point for Triund was also nearby…

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