Collage of Chavadi – I Experiences (Sep-2011 – Jan – 2012)

Doshi, Led Blues, Run, KhelJournal, No Project, Doshi Bitch, Keyless, Still no project, Perungudi Mess, Enter: Pooja Avenue, Rum, Maggi, Swim in Marsh,  Chef’o’Mania, Bang, Project Finally!! , R0binvanP, Vodka, Chapati, Metalled!!, Pizza’o’Lunia, Ugly Hostel Girls, Woodland,  More Swimming,  Abhiruchi, MonEpilogue, Ticket’o’Lunia, Wash’o’Mania, Juice, Chetna, Walk, Reddy, Jamming, More Rum, 66 Kgs- Oh Yeah!!,  Kanji, Goa,  Folking, Why Kanji?, Released!!!


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