Happy New $#%^*$@#

Special occations like the New Year or any  Festivals, even birthdays are personally for me quite depressing. I don’t understand what all those people celebrating are about. It’s just another day. Nothing special. I know its a pretty grim view of it.. but its a fact.

This New Year of mine however went from bad to good to bad again and then to horrible.

The gist of it: It started with India’s 5th consecutive away defeat. I was expecting more of a fight and was a little dissapointed. Then came on the good when Arsenal beat QPR 1-0 on 31st night. All the other fuckers having dropped points other that weekend, we moved in to fourth position. Then came the Fulham game on 2nd in which Djourou got himself sent off and we lost because of goals in the last 10 minutes. Then India lost the second test match by an innings.

Things can’t get any worse in a week. Or maybe they can. Nadal can lose in the first round of a tournament and Ferrari can come 19th and 20th in a race. I don’t want to be alive when that happens!


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