Mike Shinoda!!!

The thing I hate the most about clichés is that the sentence “I hate cliché” has also now become cliché.

On 29th Dec 2011, at 16:30 IST, in my room, I had an epiphany. I, for the first time in my life realised with clarity the power of Major Scales. At that moment I was filled with a warmth stemming from the knowledge that now I knew more about the music that I love so much.

Major Scales are to music what alphabets are to communication. Every song in this world is written in some or the other scale or combination of scales. So figuring out a song is easy once you know the first note of the song.

Doing this however is both extremely easy and excruciatingly difficult. Learning songs this way call for extended sessions on the guitar. It takes years to acquire the  requisited finger strength to play continuously for a long time. I can currently sit for only an hour at a time. 2 hours if i take a break. 3 hours in total in a day. Even if I could play for long hours, I now don’t have the time.. with the work and the traveling. How I wish I had held a guitar at 14. Or 9. Or 5.

Meanwhile in football, with Chelsea and Liverpool both having drawn there matches, we had a great chance to win and go on top of Chelsea. Instead we could only manage a 1-1 draw against Wigan. It wasn’t for lack of trying though. There goalkeeper had a fantastic match and pretty much single handedly secured there team a point leaving me terribly disappointed. Our next match is with QPR and will be played tomorrow. It will definitely be a tough match.

In cricket, we lost the first test match to Australia. We bowled well. They bowled better. They batted badly. We batted worse. Net result, we lost a low scoring match. We competed well though. The next match should be better.

Though I like him personally, this post is in no way related to Mike Shinoda. Its just that when I was pondering about what to name the post, his name happened to pop into my head. And that’s that.


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