Christmas? Humbug!!!

The order of this universe, they say is disorder. Entropy, if I remember correctly. An honest self assessment would elucidate the fact that disorder dosen’t work for me. The recent drive of mine, for productivity could only be sustained by order. Order has become something of a second nature to me these days. Its sad that my stomach has been out of order during this period.

The period in question has of course, been the last weeks of 2011. Including an uneventful birthday followed by a wasteful pizaa order partly responsible for my current digestion problems. Other happenings during this period include 2 premier league games and the first India – Australia test.

The first league game was against Man City away. We played well that day, I could follow some of the match through live streaming. We lost 1-0, unluckily, much like the carling cup game, just that this time, it was David Silva who scored. The next game was against Aston Villa which we won 2-1. Van Perise scored a penalty and took his annual goal tally to 34, equalling Thierry Henry.

The first India-Australia test match started today, and I must say, India are doing pretty good right now. It will take some doing to beat them, but I am caustiously optimistic.

I have in this period come up with some good ideas that I wil look to explore. The dream journal was a flop idea though, I rarely remember any dreams by morning and they mostly are just silly.


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