Sehwag 219!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was alive when Sachin scored 200. I also saw the match.

I was alive when Sehwag scored 219. Not lucky enough this time.

Sehwag has always threatened to set that record. Sachin managed to beat him at it. But only for a year. The fact that it was against a toothless WI attack and that Sehwag received multiple lives don’t matter. They won’t show in the record books. I can’t describe the awesomeness of the innings because I didn’t see it. But I can immortalize the innings by naming this post after him. Hereafter, after every game when he “does his thing”, there will be a post name after Sehwag. This is my tribute to the guy. May there be many Sehwagian posts.

We scored 419 that day. Won by 170 odd runs. Then we won the last game by 22 runs to take the series 4-1. With that we are second in One day rankings at 117 points with Australia at 130 being first. We are also second in test rankings behind England. In other cricket news, New Zealand drew test series against Australia 1-1.

Good news from football. We lost the Olympiacos match 3-1. All fringe players played that match and performed quite poorly, specialy Chamak. Santos injured himself and is out for a month, that means we have 4 full backs who are injured now. Vermaelen played in that position against Everton and we won  that game with van Persie scoring a stunner. With that, he has 19 goals in all competitions this season and 35 this year. The run extends to 8 with 7 wins. We move up to 4th for the first time this season. Man City-Chelsea match to be played today will be an interesting match. The best result overall would be a draw.


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