The week of Draws

A rather uncomfortable bus ride from Kandanchavadi to Guindy in a crowded bus. Not the most ideal setting for ideas. But somehow this one idea came to me from nowhere. Finding patterns in dreams. The concept behind this idea is that one cannot directly read his subconscious. Dreams are one way of interpreting one’s subconscious thoughts and needs. Logging one’s dreams helps one identify patterns in dreams. These patterns may or may not contain information of any worth or value. But it still might prove to be a useful exercise.

How? Created a google doc. Used a calendar template to fill the information. The good news is that there is an android application available for google docs. The bad news is that filling information into that app is a little cumbersome. Entering into colornote and then copying it to the app is one way of doing it. There may be other ways. Two pieces of information are being entered into the app. One: what was the central theme of the dream. Two: who were present or involved in the dream..

Coming to the week. It was a week of draws. The third test match between India and West Indies went from boring to excruciatingly interesting in one session. They lost 8 wickets for 90 something runs in one session and finished the second innings at 140 leaving us a target of 246. We scored 245 of the last ball losing nine wickets. Kohli and Sehwag played well in the second innings.

Then came the Arsenal home match between against Fulham. The guys probably were tired after the game against Dortmund so the performance wasn’t the best. Managed a 1-1 draw with Vermaelen scoring on both sides. Man U drew with Newcastle and Man City drew with Liverpool so we are still at seventh. The unbeaten run is at 10 though. We are playing Man City in Carling cup on Tuesday and there might be some rotation although I feel that the Man City bench team is much stronger that of Arsenal.

The last F1 race of the season was won by Webber. Alonso finished 4th, 140 points behind Vettel and Massa finished 6th. Ferarri were third in the pool. A rather disappointing season comes to an end. Federer though ended the season on a high by beating Tsonga in the finals of the world tour finals. Djokovic didn’t even make it to the semis. Federer is now third in the ranking I guess.


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