Blue Rues

Last weekend i was overwhelmed by overexposure to pure awesomeness. Firstup was the Arsenal-Chelsea match on Saturday that left me shaken and short of breath. then came the Metallica concert on Sunday which (sorry for the cliche’) simply blew my away.

I didn’t have a t.v. and had to follow the match on Arseblog. before the match began, I felt that a draw would be an excellent result. but to have won the match, that too in the way we did it, after a bad first half defensive performance, against Chelsea, away from home, after the kind of start we had to the season, when we needed it the most……it just couldn’t have been any more perfect. Now all that left for us to do is to win the premier league, league cup, f.a cup and champions league…. and then we’ll be good.

The league win had lifted my spirits a lot but the concert on Sunday really took me somewhere else. it was a novel experience. My first concert.

The one hour wait in the line was unpleasant, the subsequent hour of crowding before the gate was strenuous. by the time we reached the stage, a local band was playing something quite awful. Another hour of wait before the first band started playing. By now I have quite forgotten what the name of the band was, harry clyrus or barry clyrus or something else. a brit band that wasnt that bad. they could have done a better job with better equipment.

Nature had made up its mind to make us miserable until Metallica started. It bestowed us with persistently sporadic rain to compensate for the small bit of enjoyment we were receiving from that Brit band. Then came the one hour wait before Metallica that was anything but torturous.

We had entered the line at 2.30. Metallica started at 8.20. in this period, things went from unpleasant to strenuous, to awfulness, to mild pleasantness, then to irritation and finally to torture. my back had started to hurt really badly by now. Metallica then came on and did a show that more than made up for all the trouble taken earlier. 2 hrs of nonstop metal was that was awesome and intensely satisfying.

I had to take rest on Monday to recover from the eventful weekend. In between these events, India lost the t20 match against England. We played well in the one-days so I wasn’t bothered much by the loss. Fernando Alonso managed a podium finish in the inaugural Indian GP. A podium finish gives me as much happiness these days as a victory would have given me last season.

Overall it was an amazing weekend. It can’t get any better. Or maybe it can. The blues will certainly rue their missed chances for sometime to come…….


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