Powerpacked Weekend 1

After having seen a few IPL matches, I have decided to stick to my original team Deccan Charges for IPL-IV. Though the first two matches were disappointing losses, the third game against RCB was a resounding victory. Along comes the preview for the first ever Powerpacked weekend:


My two favorite premier league teams are going to clash on Sunday. A victory for Arsenal will  see them close in on Manchester United and a victory for Liverpool will have them 1 point short of Tottenham.  Both teams are looking strong, specially Liverpool after Carrol got a brace against Manchester City. Liverpool have a bad record at Emirates and I am hoping that record will continue. Whatever the result, it promises to be a cracker of a match.


Two wins in two races and Vettel manages a pole in the third. Redbull currently have the fastest car on circuit and the results are showing. Ferrari have slow cars and they will remain so for some time to come.  Alonso and Massa are lined up 4th and 5th in the race and a podium finish from either will be too muth to expect. The race will nevertheless be exiting.


The home victory against RCB would give DC some confidence to get going. Tonight they will be up against Punjab who beat CSK in their last match. With Cameron White coming into the team, their batting should get stronger. Chipli has been playing consistently and should score today. Shikhar Dhawan has been a flop up the order and he needs to play. It should be a good match today.


Semi-final against Andy Murray for Nadal should be a piece of cake. It might not be that easy, but I am expecting it to be. The other finalist would be David Ferrer. Nadal should be able to win the final tommorow. I’m not sure if I will be able to catch the semi-final or the final.

Three games and a race, lets see how the success rate stacks up.


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