Ride on Alonso!

A few years back, a fast car was sufficient to win a race in formula1. This is not the case anymore. Nowadays, you need a fast car, balanced KERS system, good tyre strategy and a level headed driver to win the race. And all these seem to be coming along quite nicely for Redbull this season. With two good wins in two races, Sebastian Vettel is uncatchable. Nobody looked to bother giving him a fight in the second race. Most of the battle was between Alonso and Hamilton for the third place. Mark Webber did seem quicker for a few laps but his tyre strategy failed to give him a podium finish.

I am hoping for a turn around as the season progresses. Ferrari need not win the races but it atleast needs podium finishes if it intends to compete this season. Filipe Massa was disappointing.  Rooting for Alonso.


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