The first sport that I am going to write about is Tennis. I have been keenly following tennis for the last 5 years. I am a fan of Nadal and I also support Djokovic and Federer among others.

The tournament currently taking place is the Indian Wells 1000 masters tournament. This tournament takes importance for several reasons. The first being that this is the first 1000 masters title of the season and every player would like to make a good start to the season. It’s no wonder hence that every top 10 player in the circuit is taking part in this tournament. Secondly it is important for Nadal to do well in this tournament if he has to maintain his lead at the top of the rankings. He lost to Ljubicic in the semi-finals last year and has to defend 360 points. His closest competitor Federer lost in the third round and hence has a chance to make a lot of points.  Coming back from injury, Nadal’s performance would be a thing to watch out for. Another player to watch out for is Del Potro. He is making gradual progress since his injury and has not won a major tournament since god knows when. He is coming in unseeded into this tournament and would be keen to perform well.  Enough said!


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